4th Grade Overview

  • Students care for God’s creation by raising salmon, releasing them in our neighborhood stream, and nurturing/promoting a safe environment for fish to live in.
  • The history, geography, people and government of our great state, Washington, is the focus for social studies.
  • Students learn and practice study skills such as notetaking.
  • Practicing their presentation skills, students read a storybook in the school-wide speech program.
  • Fourth graders display and take care of the school’s American flag, while also leading the school in the Pledge of Allegiance
  • In September, students prepare the Holy Spirit Mass.
  • Students learn how to play the recorder and perform at the Christmas concert.
  • Students organize and present at the Veteran’s Day assembly.
  • World Language Class twice a week.

4th Grade Standards


  • Prayer for Peace and the Memorare
  • Cares for God’s creation by raising salmon, releasing them in our neighborhood stream, and nurturing/ promoting a safe environment for fish to live in
  • The Beatitudes
  • Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Language Arts:

Understands and uses different strategies and skills to read 

  • Dictionaries, thesauruses
  • Word origins, base-words, suffixes, and prefixes

Understands the meaning of what is read

  • Determines text theme, main ideas, author’s purpose and supporting details
  • Sequences most important events and summarizes
  • Describes and analyzes story elements
  • Identifies non-fiction text features and their purpose
  • Identifies figurative language devices and their purpose

Uses effective content, organization, and style

  • Develops claims and supports them using substantial evidence
  • Writes several paragraphs on the same topic
  • Learns stylistic techniques to express ideas and creatively and effectively
  • Learns spelling rules and patterns
  • English language and grammar; sentence structure and parts of speech


Number Sense and Algebra:

  • Quickly recalls math facts to 12×12
  • Uses algorithms to solve 4 digit by 2 digit multiplication
  • Find multiples and factors of whole numbers
  • Determines prime and composite numbers
  • Determines mean, medium and mode
  • Compares equivalent fractions
  • Converts decimals to/from fractions
  • Identifies probability in fraction form
  • Adds and subtracts fractions, including mixed numbers

Geometry and Measurement

  • Computes the perimeter and area of rectangles
  • Computes elapsed time
  • Knows relative size of standard measurement units
  • Expresses measurements from a larger unit in terms of a smaller unit
  • Understands geometric properties, such as angle measure

Problem Solving and Reasoning:

  • Solves multi-operational word problems


  • Energy Works
  • Plants and Animals Structures
  • Changing Earth

Social Studies:

  • The history, geography, people and government of WA State
  • Biography study and writing project on a famous individual or group
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