Welcome to Fourth Grade

Leigh Martin was born and raised in Kansas and grew up attending Catholic school. She formally worked in Film and Theatre Production, which led her to be able to explore the world. Her career led her to NYC, LA, Budapest, and touring the country with Broadway shows. She settled in the Seattle area after getting married in 2012.

After having her first daughter, she decided to pursue a new career path and went back to school, obtaining her Master’s in Elementary Education. Being a member of the church parish since 2015, she feels blessed to be teaching 4th grade at St. Thomas More. She also feels fortunate that she gets to work down the hall from her daughter, who is in second grade.

In her spare time, Leigh loves spending time with her husband, Keith, their two daughters, eight-year old, Norah and three-year-old, Clare, as well as the family dog, Hank. Movies and theatre are some of her favorite activities, when time allows!

4th Grade Overview

  • Students care for God’s creation by raising salmon, releasing them in our neighborhood stream, and nurturing/promoting a safe environment for fish to live in.
  • The history, geography, people and government of our great state, Washington, is the focus for social studies.
  • Students learn and practice study skills such as notetaking.
  • Practicing their presentation skills, students read a storybook in the school-wide speech program.
  • Fourth graders display and take care of the school’s American flag, while also leading the school in the Pledge of Allegiance
  • In September, students prepare the Holy Spirit Mass.
  • Students learn how to play the recorder and perform at the Christmas concert.
  • Students organize and present at the Veteran’s Day assembly.
  • World Language Class twice a week.

4th Grade Standards


  • Prayer for Peace and the Memorare
  • Cares for God’s creation by raising salmon, releasing them in our neighborhood stream, and nurturing/ promoting a safe environment for fish to live in
  • The Beatitudes
  • Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Language Arts:

Understands and uses different strategies and skills to read 

  • Dictionaries, thesauruses
  • Word origins, base-words, suffixes, and prefixes

Understands the meaning of what is read

  • Determines text theme, main ideas, author’s purpose and supporting details
  • Sequences most important events and summarizes
  • Describes and analyzes story elements
  • Identifies non-fiction text features and their purpose
  • Identifies figurative language devices and their purpose

Uses effective content, organization, and style

  • Develops claims and supports them using substantial evidence
  • Writes several paragraphs on the same topic
  • Learns stylistic techniques to express ideas and creatively and effectively
  • Learns spelling rules and patterns
  • English language and grammar; sentence structure and parts of speech


Number Sense and Algebra:

  • Quickly recalls math facts to 12×12
  • Uses algorithms to solve 4 digit by 2 digit multiplication
  • Find multiples and factors of whole numbers
  • Determines prime and composite numbers
  • Determines mean, medium and mode
  • Compares equivalent fractions
  • Converts decimals to/from fractions
  • Identifies probability in fraction form
  • Adds and subtracts fractions, including mixed numbers

Geometry and Measurement

  • Computes the perimeter and area of rectangles
  • Computes elapsed time
  • Knows relative size of standard measurement units
  • Expresses measurements from a larger unit in terms of a smaller unit
  • Understands geometric properties, such as angle measure

Problem Solving and Reasoning:

  • Solves multi-operational word problems


  • Energy Works
  • Plants and Animals Structures
  • Changing Earth

Social Studies:

  • The history, geography, people and government of WA State
  • Biography study and writing project on a famous individual or group
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