Welcome to Fourth Grade

Leigh Martin was born and raised in Kansas and grew up attending Catholic school. She formally worked in Film and Theatre Production, which led her to be able to explore the world. Her career led her to NYC, LA, and Budapest. She settled in the Seattle area after getting married in 2012.

After having her first daughter, she decided to pursue a new career path and went back to school, obtaining her Master’s in Elementary Education. She student-taught at STMS last year in the second-grade classroom and feels privileged to have landed her first teaching job with this 4th-grade class. She also feels blessed that she gets to work down the hall from her daughter, who is in Kindergarten.

In her spare time, Leigh loves spending time with her husband, Keith, their two daughters, five and a half year-old, Norah and one-year-old, Clare, as well as the family dog, Hank. Movies and theatre are some of her favorite activities, when time allows!

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